Candy makes everything better!

We are an efficient and international business that was founded more than forty years ago. We have offices in Rotterdam and Antwerp and a factory in Breskens.
We specialize in the production, marketing, sales, and distribution of high-quality sweets.

Our own brands – Napoleon, Anta Flu, and Lemco – form the cornerstones of our business, but we also represent brands from others, and manufacture private label confectioneries for third parties.


We open a world of possibilities in sweets

We think in terms of possibilities and strive to make delicious artisanal sweets that are available around the world. We use natural ingredients as much as possible.




We all know those delicious yellow sweets with the sour core, but where do Bonbons Napoleon, the original name for the sweets, come from? Read more about the company and the history here.


In addition to its own brands, the Pervasco factory also produces private-label confectioneries, both wrapped and unwrapped sweets. On request, the sweets can be dusted in a layer of sugar or aniseed powder. They can also be produced in any colour and any shape, such as oval, round, pear, pillow, spiral, and square.

Lollies are also part of our range, and our fillings are refreshingly unique. For instance, the sweets can have a sherbet filling (central core or layers), a liquid filling, or a chewy centre.

Our producers are certified halal, kosher, gluten-free, and vegetarian.

All of our sweets are fully customizable!

Anta Flu Mini
Small sweets in a handy resealable bag. These sugar-free sweets are flavoured with stevia and are available in three fresh flavours: Classic, Lemon, and Cool Mint.



The authentic and original Dutch lozenge with a unique taste, available in the flavours Classic , Eucalyptus, Mint, and Liquorice. Also available in three sugar-free flavours: Classic, Herbs, and Mint.


A delicious round sweet with a punchy sherbet centre – a taste for you to savour. Available in a range of sweet, salty, and sour flavours. Napoleon: bursting with flavour!

Napoleon Mini
A smaller version of the classic sweets, with the same great taste and sherbet centre. These unwrapped sweets come in a re-sealable bag, which makes them the perfect treat on the go. Available in five flavours: Lempur, Black-White, Cola, Fruit Mix, and Energy.

Napoleon Lollies
The only Napoleon sweet with a traditional lolly shape and a sour sherbet centre. Each bag contains four flavours: lemon, apple, cherry, and orange.


The throat lozenges by DR. Tom’s contain a refined dose of eucalyptus oil and menthol. When sucking on the lozenge it releases a cooling sensation that provides immediate relief to the nose and throat.



Lemco Lollies have been a firm favourite for many years and can be recognized by the famous parrot on the packaging. This brand is well-known for its delicious salty liquorice lollies with an authentic salty liquorice flavour!

Traditional sweets
Pervasco offers a wide range of traditional sweets, available in consumer packaging and bulk packaging. We also produce tins of the famous Dutch sweets Zeeuwse Babbelaar and Hollandse Hopjes.

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