Quality: the key to success at Pervasco

Quality is paramount in our organization. Our products contain no artificial colours or flavours. In response to the growing market trend towards gluten-free options, the majority of our products are gluten-free. The same applies to halal-certified sweets.  

To help consumers make healthier choices, we have increasingly shifted our attention to sugar-free products. Strict quality and hygiene rules have been drafted with respect to international product deliveries. Our regular audits demonstrate our consistent compliance with these rules.

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How many people work at Pervasco?

Pervasco currently employs around sixty people at its branches in Breskens, Rotterdam, and Antwerp.

Where can I find more information about the ingredients in your sweets? 

You can find this information on our brand sites, which lists the ingredients and the nutritional value of each product. Click on the brand for a link to the relevant website.

Where can I find more information about the confectionery industry? 

You can contact our trade association for general information about the confectionery industry.

I have a question/complaint/compliment/suggestion about a product. Who should I direct this to? 

You can send an e-mail to info@pervasco.com

I would like to contact one of your sellers to discuss a collaboration or an idea. Who can I contact?

You can call +31 (0)10-414 26 22, complete our contact form, or send an e-mail to info@pervasco.com.

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